Woodland Tools launches with innovative gardening tools and a mission to deepen the human connection with nature and each other

Forestry tools: there is work to be done (Photo credit: Chris Bacarella)

We pride ourselves on making top-notch tools, but for us, it’s always been about more than gardening.

Woodland Tools Co., a new gardening tool company, was launched with the aim of celebrating the human connection with nature – and each other – through modern tools designed with exceptional craftsmanship.

While many tool companies simply create tools, Madison-based Woodland Tools aspires to be more than a garden tool maker. The company is committed to being an innovator in the field of gardening tools, offering modern and ergonomic tools backed by quality craftsmanship. And beyond its products, Woodland Tools is driven by its deep belief in the power of gardening to bring communities together and its strong environmental focus.

The company slogan, There’s Work to Be Done™, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality products and the connection between man and nature. With the right tools, humans can better care for the environment around them and create lasting memories with others, bonding through shared time in nature. Woodland Tools aims to arm people with the right tools, helping them complete their jobs more efficiently while giving them a quality product they can pass on to future generations.

“We believe in the power of gardening to bring communities together,” said Mike Kollman, president of Woodland Tools. “Getting our hands dirty connects us to our neighbours, to our planet and to ourselves, which helps us make our mark in the world. .”

Woodland Tools gardening tool selection includes hedge shears, pruners, secateurs, saws and shears. Their product line includes patent-pending technologies including the ergonomic U-shape, internal springs and mechanical advantages such as MaxForce and LeverAction. These technologies provide tools that work better, provide maximum comfort and last longer.

Every Woodland Tools product is designed in the USA. The company also offers its Guaranteed Forever promise, replacing any tool that breaks under normal use circumstances.

In addition to bringing people together through gardening and strengthening human connections with nature, Woodland Tools also partners with 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of its profits to the philanthropic organization that encourages positive environmental change.

“As a company, we are committed to our customers, our communities and our planet,” added Kollman. “We believe in responsible product design and donate a portion of all sales to create a better world in partnership with 1% For The Planet. We pride ourselves on making top-notch tools, but for us it has always been more than gardening.

To learn more about Woodland Tools and to purchase its collection of innovative gardening tools, visit https://woodlandtools.com/. New customers can get a 10% discount on their first order by creating an account.

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