New gardening tools that impressed Which one?

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you undoubtedly have gardening tools to help you keep it in top condition.

Maintaining your garden not only keeps it from spiraling out of control, it also keeps it healthy and ready for guests so you can then sit back and enjoy your outdoor oasis.

We recently tested a variety of garden tools from brands like Ryobi, Husqvarna, Powerbase and Stihl to see if any of them can top the charts.

We discovered a total of 11 new Best Buys across all categories we recently tested.

Read on to see some of the latest models we’ve tested as well as some gardening tips to help you keep your outdoor space tidy.

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Latest garden machines in test

We recently tested grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, robot lawn mowers, leaf blowers and some pressure washers. We’ve been busy!

Here are some of the latest models we’ve tested, so read through them to see if they might be what you’re looking for.

EGO LM1702E-SP lawnmower, £498

Key specs

  • Cutting heights: 7 (20 mm to 80 mm)

This cordless mower is designed to tackle medium-sized lawns and features variable-speed self-propel to help reduce mowing effort. Read all Review of the Ego LM1702E-SP to see if it was easy to handle and if it will do a great job mowing your lawn.

Ryobi RY18LTX33A-0 grass trimmer, £265

Key specs

  • Line feed method: automatic/manual

This cordless trimmer is suitable for heavier tasks, such as tackling overgrown grass or weeds. There are two speed settings to help provide an extra boost. But is it a better buy? Read our full review on Ryobi RY18LTX33A-0 Grass Trimmer discover.

Hyundai HYHT680E hedge trimmer, £72

Key specs

This corded electric trimmer has a long blade which makes it ideal for tall hedges. It also has a rotating handle designed to help you easily change positions when cutting different parts of the hedge. But did he leave our hurdles with an excellent finish? Read our full review on Hyundai HYHT680E hedge trimmer discover.

Ryobi RY18BLXC-140 leaf blower, £161

Key specs

This cordless leaf blower has variable speed so you can lower it as you direct the leaves into a neat pile. But did it work well in real life and were the surfaces free of leaves? Find out by reading our full review of the Ryobi RY18BLXC-140 Leaf Blower.

Husqvarna PW 125 pressure washer, £240

Key specs

  • Accessories: fixed jet nozzle, variable flat jet nozzle.

The smallest entry-level model in the Husqvarna pressure washer range. It only comes with two attachments, but find out if we found them adequate for most jobs in the garden by reading the whole thing. Husqvarna PW 125 pressure washer review.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Head to our lawn mower reviews, hedge trimmer review, leaf blower reviews, pressure washer reviews and lawn mower review for more options.

Five tips for garden machinery

  1. When storing cordless toolsmake sure the battery has at least 40% charge remaining and remove the battery from the tool and store it separately.
  2. To keep your grass trimmer line flexible and last longer, it must absorb moisture before use. Place it in water for at least 24 hours before use, and if your reel hasn’t been used for an extended period, remove it from the trimmer head and let it soak in water for two days before using it.
  3. Avoid pressing the wand of your pressure washer down on the ground as it could pick up dirt trapped in the nozzle, which could damage a car’s paintwork if blown at high pressure.
  4. At the end of the season, siphon off the remaining gasoline of your gas-powered tools. Left to sit over the winter, this fuel will degrade and the deposits will sink to the bottom, and your tool will have a hard time starting by the time spring arrives.
  5. Avoid cutting your lawn too short in the warmer months because it will lose moisture faster and you will get those telltale yellow-brown spots. Set your mower blades to their highest setting so you don’t scalp the grass. Don’t lower them too much over the next few weeks, as cutting higher allows daisies and other lawn plants to bloom and help pollinators, and the grass is also more likely to stay green and lush.
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