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By Karen Gibson, Denton County Master Gardeners Association

Looking for the perfect gift for the gardener(s) on your gift list? Think about the tools!

Here are some essential basic tools to help them on their gardening journey:

hand trowel – Look for an ergonomic design that feels good in your hand. One with a measuring guide is a bonus.

Hand weeder – This can be invaluable in getting rid of those weeds quickly and effectively.

kneeler – Protects knees and lower back! This will help your gardener get to ground level comfortably and easily. Splurge on a more expensive model that includes sturdy metal arms to help you lift yourself off the ground.

Farmer – Use a hand cultivator to break up soil and scrape up amendments.

hand saw – An invaluable tool used to cut small branches and eliminate dieback of woody perennials.

Hand pruners – Splurge and get the best you can afford. It will be a valuable tool used to create clean cuts and control plant form and heading.

sniper shovel – Ideal for digging holes for planting and removing unwanted plants.

steel rake – Helps smooth mulch and shape flower beds.

Round garden shovel – Every gardener needs it for general digging.

Gloves – Excellent Christmas stockings. Invest in a good pair to protect your favorite gardener’s hands.

SUPPLEMENTS for the really serious gardener includes a manure or litter fork to move the mulch and/or a garden auger to make planting holes using a household drill.

Does your gardener already have all the tools he will need? Consider a gift certificate to have their tools sharpened. Or invest in a tool bucket organizer so their tools are easy to find the next time they garden. The gardeners on your list will think of you every time they use your gift.

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Happy gardening!

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