10 essential gardening tools and gadgets to buy for spring 2021

Is your garden ready for the planting season? With entertainment options like cinemas and sports stadiums closed during the coronavirus pandemic, gardening has seen a boom in popularity in 2020, and new gardeners across the country are preparing to plant a new crop.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a shoot returning for your second season, or brand new to the hobby and testing your green thumb, you need the right tools for the job, from basics like gloves and trowels to fun gadgets like folding tool seats and portable mini greenhouses.

Here are some recommended gardening tools and gadgets to improve your potting, digging, and planting arsenal for spring 2021, and where to buy them online.

Thai kitchen and garden scissors

Uncommon Goods Thai Kitchen & Garden Scissors.screenshot of Uncommon Goods

Cut your plants and pick herbs with these high quality handcrafted shears featuring stainless steel blades and Pradu wooden handles. $ 38 from Uncommon Goods

Flexi Hose expandable garden hose with 8-function nozzle

A flexible pipe.

A flexible pipe.screenshot from Walmart

This kinkless hose expands as water passes through it to reach every square foot of your garden, and the 8-setting nozzle will give your plants the perfect drink. $ 49.99 from Walmart

Gardener Tool Seat

<a class=Garden tool seat.” class=”article__image-content” height=”600″ width=”300″/>

Garden tool seat.screenshot of Uncommon Goods

Every gardener has to unload themselves here and there, and this lightweight nylon seat doubles as a tool bag for shears, seeds and more. $ 40 of uncommon goods

Costway portable mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouse.

Mini greenhouse.Costway screenshot

The perfect greenhouse for a gardener looking to expand their grow with plants that need a little extra protection. Four levels with eight shelves and constructed of sturdy and durable material. $ 99.95 from Costway

Folding utility wagon

Folding utility wagon.

Folding utility wagon.Costway screenshot

Carry everything from the shed to the bed. Garden bed that is. Heavy-duty wheels easily traverse your lawn or rough terrain, and this easy-to-store cart can support up to 286 pounds. $ 75.95 from Costway

Bug Zapper 3-in-1 Waterproof Lantern

3-in-1 insect hunter.

3-in-1 insect hunter.Amazon screenshot

Protect yourself from mosquitoes when you plant, then put it away and save for your camping trip later in the summer, where it doubles as a lantern and flashlight. $ 23.99 from Amazon

Nisaku Hori Weeding and Digging Knife

Nisaku Hori weeding and digging knife.

Nisaku Hori weeding and digging knife.Amazon screenshot

If you haven’t gardened with a Hori Hori knife, this will be a game changer. The sharp blade weeds, cuts and digs while the serrated edge cuts through roots and the narrow, sharp tip digs into tight spots. It even works well as a tool for planting and transplanting seeds. $ 80.99 from Amazon

12 Piece Garden Tool Kit

12 piece garden tool kit.

12 piece garden tool kit.Amazon screenshot

A nice gift for yourself if you are embarking on your first garden. High quality, economical aluminum tools, from weeders to rakes to pruning shears and more. $ 29.40 from Amazon

Pine Tools Bamboo Work Gloves

Bamboo work gloves.

Bamboo work gloves.Amazon screenshot

Gloves may seem like a no-brainer, but a good pair can make all the difference when digging, planting seeds, and more. They are super flexible, durable and will keep your hands dry when digging in wet soil or pulling weeds after it rains. $ 13.97 from Amazon

ZENSTYLE folding garden bench

Kneeling in garden.

Kneeling in garden.screenshot from Walmart

Your knees will thank you when you settle down on this soft, padded knee / bench for weeding, planting, or whatever else you need to do to take care of your crop. $ 42.99 from Walmart

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