A person may be required to go abroad to work. The latter must then learn about expatriate unemployment insurance rights. You should know that the conditions differ depending on whether you are going to a member country of the European Economic Area (EEA) or not.


Expatriate unemployment insurance when you are outside the EEA

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If you work in a foreign country that is not part of the European Economic Area, your affiliation to the French unemployment insurance may be compulsory, optional or individual:

  • Companies based in France concluding an employment contract with a French citizen or a person from a foreign country of the European Union have a compulsory affiliation to the employment center.
  • Companies that are not based in France have the possibility to give their employees an optional affiliation. Any foreign company wishing to affiliate an employee must forward its request to the employment center. The expatriate unemployment insurance contributions are then divided between the employer and the employee.
  • If a company is not obliged to join or does not wish to benefit from an optional affiliation to unemployment insurance, the expatriate employee can fully affiliate himself, by himself, by issuing his asks the employment center. In this case, the expatriate unemployment insurance contribution is at the employee’s total expense.



In the event of loss of employment, the employee who is expatriated must register with the Pôle emploi as soon as he / she returns to France, within 12 months of his / her job loss.


Expatriate unemployment insurance when you are in the EEA

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For an expatriate employee in a member state of the EEA or in Switzerland, he / she may benefit from the unemployment benefits of the country in which he / she works, according to the related Community agreement. Any period worked in an EEA country or in Switzerland must be taken into account when calculating unemployment benefits. In case of departure in an EEA country or in Switzerland, the employee may receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 3 months.