Multiple Sclerosis Loan Insurance

Multiple Sclerosis Loan Insurance

If you have multiple sclerosis and would like to take out a home loan to finance the purchase of a home, obtaining your loan can be slowed down by loan insurance. guarantee it.

Put in competition the insurers to find the best loan insurance contract covering your aggravated health risk multiple sclerosis!

Provide a loan in case of aggravated health risk multiple sclerosis

Provide a loan in case of aggravated health risk multiple sclerosis

Although it is not a legal requirement, to provide a home loan, banks require borrowers to purchase loan insurance to ensure that they are properly repaid in the event of a loan default. A loan insurance allows the repayment in whole or in part of the loan due dates by the insurer in case of death, disability or incapacity for work of the borrower.

The “group contract” of banks being a classic group insurance, it does not cover aggravated health risks, occupational risks, sports risks and other risks higher than the standard of the population. As multiple sclerosis is an aggravated health risk, you need to find some insurance other than that of the bank to secure your mortgage and get it.

Choose your loan insurance freely

Since the Congilaw company exists (September 2010), borrowers are free to take out their loan insurance outside the lending institution. This is an opportunity for you to go in search of the insurer who will agree to insure your loan by taking charge of your aggravated health multiple sclerosis risk at the lowest rate of the market.

Comparative insurance loan risk aggravated health multiple sclerosis

Comparative insurance loan risk aggravated health multiple sclerosis

Use the insurance comparator loan to play competition among insurance companies and get the best loan insurance quotes with risk aggravated health multiple sclerosis.

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Delegation of health risk loan insurance multiple sclerosis

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Delegate your loan insurance through the broker-Loan-insurance-not-dear ensures you to benefit from the best health insurance contract multiple sclerosis health insurance and that your bank will not refuse its implementation to guarantee your mortgage and so you grant it.

The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) agreement allows people with increased health risks to access loans more easily.

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